Yantai Haizhou Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of concrete machinery and piling equipment in China. The main products of the company are concrete mixing plants (stationary & mobile), trailer-mounted concrete pumps (diesel &electric), truck-mounted concrete pumps (with our chassis or fit your chassis), slurry pumps and long-screw pile drivers which are widely applied in construction of buildings, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and water conservation projects, etc. We are CE certified and the product have been exported to many countries, such as Russia, Malaysia, India, Australia, Brazil, and so on. Our service philosophy is to satisfy unlimited demands of clients. Details

The HZS series concrete mixing plant is divided into stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant. The stationary concrete batching plant is widely used for large and medium scale water conservancy, electricity, road bridges and other projects which require a large amount of concrete and long construction period. The mobile concrete batching plant features one-piece construction. It moves fast and can be easily put into operation. This helps to save foundation cost and concrete transportation cost significantly. Customers can choose from the two batching plants according to their actual needs. details

The trailer mounted concrete pump can be categorized into two types: diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump. The diesel concrete pump features large displacement at high pressure, which makes this product an ideal choice for construction of high-rise buildings. Customers can select the single diesel engine or double diesel engine. The electric concrete pump is economical and suitable for transporting concrete in piling projects. Customers can choose from a variety of motor powers according to their electricity consumption requirements on construction sites. details

Travelling and pumping adopt different active force which is reliable, economic and practical. Our pumping equipment adopts Cummings or Weichai Steyr brand diesel engine which has strong power and convenient maintenance. We also offer customers a diverse selection of truck mounted concrete pumps that fit their own chassis. This makes our product more convenient for export and more economical. details

The long-screw pile driver can be sorted into electric crawler type and hydraulic walking type. The electric crawler type. The pile adopts square structure, made from 16Mn board. The pile is foldable, and does not need to be dismantled. The cab is on the left front of the platform, with hydraulic cylinder for lift. Track width 600mm, length 4 meters, and span 4 meters. The hydraulic walking type. It can work together with different devices to satisfy different requirements of pile foundation. Design can be adjusted according to customer requirements to meet construction needs. details

    1. HZS30 concrete batching plant installed in Ukraine, June, 2008.

    1. HZS 60 concrete mixing plant successfully installed and operated in Russia in Nov. 2008.

    1. HZS120 working in Weihai, China, in Sep. 2010.

    1. HZS35 concrete mixing plant was working in Russia, in June, 2012.

    1. HZS75 plant was operating in Qixia, China, Aug. 2013.