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Electric Mortar Pump

Mortar Pump/Fine Stone Concrete Pump (Electric Motor)
Mortar/fine stone output: 25m3/hour under low pressure, 18m3/hour under high pressure.

HBT25 mortar pump is also a fine stone concrete pump, it is applied in all kinds of construction projects such as mortar stuffing in floor heating projects, pressure grouting of various basic piles, fine stone concrete pumping projects and so on. It could convey aggregates with diameter no more than 30mm or 20mm according to construction requirements.

Features of Electric Mortar Pump
1. The electric pump is designed with S shape pipe valves for reversing, which has great sealing performance and long lifespan.
2. The S shaped valve is outfitted with a wear resistant ring that comes with automatic wear compensation function.
3. High outlet pressure meets the transporting requirements for high rise buildings.
4. The mortar pump can transport find aggregate concrete with a maximum aggregate diameter of 20mm.
5. Hydraulic system of this construction pump comes with air cooling system that ensures easy heat dissipation without having to use water.
6. Reverse pumping function allows maximum reduction of pipe blocking.
7. The electric mortar pump is equipped with a centralized lubrication system which can effectively prolong service life of revolving parts.
8. PLC control for electrical components presents the optimum control characteristics.
9. The electric box is designed with a wired remote control handle for easy control.
10. Material loading height is low so that the mortar pump can be equipped to an integral pump unit.
11. Guide wheel ensures flexible and easy movement and location.
12. Dismountable screen mesh is easy for change.

Technical Parameters of Electric Mortar Pump
Item Unit HBT25
Theoretical displacement (H.P/L.P) M3/h 18/25
Theoretical output pressure (H.P/L.P) bar 80/50
Pressure of hydraulic system bar 250
Displacement of main oil pump ml/r 71
Power of main power/rotation speed Kw/RPM 30/1480
Main oil cylinder diameter/pole diameter × stroke mm Φ80/Φ50×1000
Conveying cylinder diameter × stroke mm Φ140×1000
Reversing times (H.P/L.P) Times/min 19/27
Hopper capacity × loading height M3×mm 0.3×1200
Concrete slump mm 120-230
Theoretical Max. vertical height M 150
Theoretical Max. horizontal distance M 600
Capacity of hydraulic oil tank L 150
Dimensions (L × W × H) m 3.7×1.4×1.5
Total weight kg 2000
H.P/L.P Switch / Manual
Remote control / 5m wired remote control
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