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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

    1. Truck Mounted Concrete Pump (with chassis)This truck mounted concrete pump made by Haizhou has been extensively used in various concrete construction projects including urban construction, road, bridge and dam construction, energy base construction, etc.
    1. Truck Mounted Concrete (fit your chassis)Our truck mounted concrete pump without chassis has found wide usage in various construction projects involving urban construction and constructions of road, bridge, dam, port, etc. This type of construction machinery is mainly used to transport concrete and mortar with a density of 2400 kg/m3 or less.
1. Travelling and pumping adopt different active force which is reliable, economic and practical. Our pumping equipment adopts Cummings or Weichai Steyr brand diesel engine which has strong power and convenient maintenance.
2. Dongfeng chassis has reliable performance, economic and convenient maintenance.
3. Main hydraulic parts, such as main oil pump, master and auxiliary reversing valve, hydraulic hoses and pressure gauges adopt Rexroth, "ATOS", Italian Manuli and other world famous brands, which have reliable performance and strong through-current capability.
4. Automatic high and low pressure switching which is convenient and reliable.
5. Main oil pump supplies oil to master cylinder, gear pump supplies oil to auxiliary cylinder through accummulator, thus pumping system is stable and reversing impact is small.
6. Main oil return gets cooling through cooling system to keep low temperature of the pumping system.
7. Panel control and wireless remote control systems are convenient to operate.
8. PLC, relay, text display and other main electric parts are from Siemens, Omron, Schneider and other world famous brands.
9. Wearable plate and cutting ring adopt hard alloy which is durable in use.

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